Before I start blabbering about whatever there is in my head at this time around,Bloody hell..!@$$$#%#$@^&^*&(*(&%#@!#%^!@#$. Okay dah. Anywho, hi hello. You know what sucks? Someone has changed my FB password! Why me? Why? Stalker(s), seriously if I'm not bugging you why the fuck should you right? Just let me live in fucking peace already? What the fuck is your fucking problem? Get a life already. Who cares if people think that I'm a bitchass maniac for thinking of all these?  Why do you have to suck all the happiness inside of me you asshole? I've thought about ways to kill you already just so you know.This little thing call respect,you aint gonna get it from me anymore. Suck your own tits,pls? F***
I guess that's enough for now. Byee

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