Hello everyone! It feels good to be updating again! :) I've started to watch ' Invisible Youth ' with G7,Bear Kim Tae Woo since 2month ago. I didn't watch all the episodes though. I've only watched the episodes with guests so far on KBS in channel 303 and cuts from youtube. My top girls are KARA's Hara, SNSD's Sunny, 4 Minute's HyunA and BEG's Narsha. The other girls are likable but I found these 4 the most entertaining. SNSD'sYuri disappoints me though. From the SNSD girls, I adore Sooyoung and Yuri most (now Sunny) but on IY, she seems unwilling to give up her idol image. On the other hand, G.O.D'sTae Woo is SO TALL and BIG around everyone,HAHAH.
SUNNY,I Love You. So freaking pretty

GAHH. she can be cute when she has to, she can be sexy when she has to and she's very hardworking, sweet, pretty and funny :)

Pretty sexy and funny, I shall say. If you watch the show, then I’m pretty sure you know who these hilarious amazing girls are. SNSD’s Yuri & Sunny, Secret’s Sunhwa, T-Ara’s Hyomin, 4Minute’s Hyuna, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, and lastly the amazing Kim Shinyoung!

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