Its 5.50am,I really cant sleep. After i did evrything so might as well i blog kn kn? Hmm,my life getting tougher day by day. I dont know why.
I just accepted that as ketentuan illahi,rite? I keep thinking bout the past,sumpah rindu tahap anjing. If i would erase evry bad moments between us,seriously i would. If i could fix evrthing,i would baby. I try to change evrthing bout myself. And sometimes Im feeling so fucking stupid. I dont know why im feeling this way. Im pathetic,lonely. well,im not perfect. i know that. I do this,i do that. i always smile,no matter what. Yet, I really have to stop complaining evrythng,evry single time. Oh,well i dont want to talk much. Its just make me cry again.I'll smile in this morning and  Got to go,take a shower and go to school. 

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